Monday, 4 August 2014


Ohio!!! hhihi i'm a new fan of ARASHI^^ jpop band.. and i just learn how to make a subs for their song. just the song that i found at youtube. i hope you enjoy it^^


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Look A Like

Nowday..too many rookies debut..VIXX, NU'EST, BTOB, and more.. i need more time to more know them. Now i'm still watching BTOB Diary. Soon will watch NU'EST variety show. Bored.. I think there many idol or actor look a like.. In my opinion..

 Evrybody know him. He's TOP from big bang boy group. His position is rapping. He become an actor too in 71 Into The Fire and Iris. His voice very rought.

But not much people know him. He is a model in first but debut as an actor in White Chrismas drama. Now he is also in other drama like Gentlemen Dignity, Vampire Diary, what else?? I don't remmber. I'm a huge fan of him^^ He is 23 years old and height 188cm. 

this is HOYA Infinite member. now debut as an actor too.. when i look at him sometime he look like xiah junsu sometimes like dongjun, ze.a maknae. but when i knew him he just look like him..haha i like his voice..

this is Ilhoon BTOB's member..

this is Dongjun again.. with Kim Hyun Jong

mir and lee hong ki

BTOB's member Hyungshik with his senior, Gikwang

sometime Hyungshik look like him.Becoming Billionaire actor

Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE with..i dont know his name but he in Becoming Billionaire too..

Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Song

today, i read sunday newspaper 'NO JUNSU ANYMORE IN 2PM'!!! i almost got junsu out from 2pm?? i wonder? then i read.. junsu going to change his name...relief^^ he change his name from Junsu to Min Jun. he twit

 Anyway.. i have write a song ..but i only can write the lyric and i use another song for the melody..

A… Ah… A… Ah…(I want you, baby)
I’ve been watching you from a far
Cuz when I meet you
I can’t hear ma heartbeat like it’s stop for awhile
Ma body got colder
Ma hand trembling like I caught a cold
I try to stop acting like that
But ma mind doesn’t work well when I see you
I don’t see someone else but you
Wherever wherever I see you ma heart stop

My height only reach at your ear
Your skin milky white like a snow white
Your eyes small
Your head big like a bad character in Alice Wonderland
But it’s suite you well
That’s your charm
But it’s cool, you cool, you’re really cool

When you walk at the sideway
Look like you’re on the runaway, like a pro model
(no matter what you wear you look cool)

One day I not see you
My day does not mean anything
But when I see you
My life will be happiness

One day I not see you
My day does not mean anything
But when I see you
My life will be happiness
To have you to have you is my dream

Your eyes like TOP
Your eyesbrow, shape of your face like Mireu
Your voice so weird like a drunker
You’re bad boy
Skip class, come late to school
Leave your bag at school and have no manner
That’s your habit
But i‘ts cool, you cool, you’re really cool
I got you baby boy
You’re the only one

I got you baby boy
You’re the only one

We walk together holding hand
I entertain you when you sad
I share my happiness with you
I hold you when you lost your strength
We laught and smile together
But it’s only in my dream
I can’t do it
I can’t do it
Cuz you’re you’re not mine

I just want you, baby
I’ll wait for you come to me
Even I’m tired of waiting
I’ll just waiting for you

I know you’re bad boy
But what can I do
If I try to forget you
You wouldn’t vanis from ma mind
Tick tock
Tick tock
Slowly time goes
But you still appear in my mind

One day I not see you
My day does not mean anything
But when I see you
My life will be happiness

One day I not see you
My day does not mean anything
But when I see you
My life will be happiness
To have you to have you is my dream

 my tense not really good..but i'm really glad it's done..
this is my first song. you can sing it with 'i want to cry' melody
hope you guy like it

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Big Bang - Monster [English subs + Romanization + Hangul].mp4

Annyeong! Ohayeo! :D
hahaha happy smacm aq ary ni^^
Big Bang d Special Edition mv Monster tjukyew.
Dah berabad aq menunggu tuan/puan pyer UTube chanel wt kpopsubs tuk Monster
tpi x plak aq jmpe. So, aq mengmbil keputusn tuk download dri Dailymotion dan upload kt chanel aq.

Ni dye video 2..
(lau dye dlm 3D off kn tau)

D byk kelebihn lau d kpopsubs..hehe x byk pun XD
  1. Boleh paham maksud lgu 2
  2. Boleh nyanyi same 
  3.  Boleh blajar tulisn korea (Hangul)

Friday, 6 July 2012

My Drawing

Ni tgh bosan2 xd krje pe lgi
abskn mse dgn hobi n satu2 yew secret weapon yg aq d[ceh!weapon..]
pe g?! lukis r.. aq hnye lkis bnde2 trtentu iaitu bende2 yg ensem r[org r 2] .hahaah
and aq memerlukn mood yg baik sms melukis spye lukisn trsebut menjadi,
walaupun x brape nk sme..

Ni dye lukisn2 trsebut

                                                this is someone that i admire the most..hahah ni bkn first drawing but the second one..the first one is Jun.K
I'll post it later cuz trdpt kekngn2 trtentu.

masalah yg aq hadapi masa lukis gmbr ni adalah..bibir.
mse 2 aq x tau lgi cmnenklkis bibir.hahha
sbb 2 bibir dye plik skit n ugly.

 this is the third drawing..

hahahah..i think  it's look a
 little weird.haha but i don't mind it.
Bila wat lukisn ni n akhir yew jdi, trus rse brsemngt tuk wt lukisn
yg lg satu..hihi brkobr2 semngt mse 2

and mse ni r aq bru tau cmne nk wt lips

Akhir yew ini lar hasil yew...hahaha heangbokhan

yg ni pun aq ske sgt2.You know T.O.P right?
Wait! it's not done yet there's twomore

yg ni nk wt lips dye r yg pling susah.

hahah..yg ni mte dye r yg paling susah.. rambut ni r yg pling aq ske

This is the last one.It's really ugly..i have a bad mood when i drew it.
chenca ugly. pas2 trus x d mood nk lukis lgi. '^'

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Cam Budak-Budak

Mse blek school x tau r prangai aq trus jdi akal macam nasi lecek ble jumpe biskut yg ad ABC 2..
hahaha.. dgn gembira yew aq pun meyusun 
biskut-biskut trsebut mengeja
idol-idol yg aq ske..

here the biskut..

 Hhaha yg ni trslh eja plak XD lol

 Actually not a hug fan of 2AM but I like them because their maknae, JinWoon.
He's cute.

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