Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Look A Like

Nowday..too many rookies debut..VIXX, NU'EST, BTOB, and more.. i need more time to more know them. Now i'm still watching BTOB Diary. Soon will watch NU'EST variety show. Bored.. I think there many idol or actor look a like.. In my opinion..

 Evrybody know him. He's TOP from big bang boy group. His position is rapping. He become an actor too in 71 Into The Fire and Iris. His voice very rought.

But not much people know him. He is a model in first but debut as an actor in White Chrismas drama. Now he is also in other drama like Gentlemen Dignity, Vampire Diary, what else?? I don't remmber. I'm a huge fan of him^^ He is 23 years old and height 188cm. 

this is HOYA Infinite member. now debut as an actor too.. when i look at him sometime he look like xiah junsu sometimes like dongjun, ze.a maknae. but when i knew him he just look like him..haha i like his voice..

this is Ilhoon BTOB's member..

this is Dongjun again.. with Kim Hyun Jong

mir and lee hong ki

BTOB's member Hyungshik with his senior, Gikwang

sometime Hyungshik look like him.Becoming Billionaire actor

Jung Yong Hwa from CNBLUE with..i dont know his name but he in Becoming Billionaire too..