Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter Parker Spider-Man,
It’s time to cheer you Spidey fans!
Been 5 years since his web spun,
Now he’s back with a lot more fun.
So what are you waiting for Nuffnangers?
It’s time to get ready your web slingers!
Spinning his web into cinemas this month is none other than The Amazing Spider-Man and thanks to the kind people at Sony Pictures Malaysia; Nuffnang presents you with the reboot instalment of the Spiderman franchise. It promises to be a film of epic proportions as a brand new cast and robust storyline leads you to Peter Parker’s journey to finally finding out who his parents is and how they died when he was a kid.
 With super spider powers and amazing intellectual skills, the new Peter Parker is sure to steal your heart like how he stole the heart of Gwen Stacy. If that’s not getting you going, this sure will. This time around, you’re not only going to win yourself a pair of tickets but you are also going to win yourself *drumroll* awesome Spider-Man Merchandise!! How awesome? See for yourself.

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