Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Vampire Hunter

Since I watch 'Vampire Diary' I being interest with any vampires story it's quite interesting. In 'Vampire Diary' my bias is Demon because I like the name and also the guy.He's attractive and his character too. There's another vampire movie for you.

                                                                    An eye for an eye,
A soul for a soul,
The vampire hunter lives,
His story now told.
They took away his mother,
They left him alone,
Now they shall pay,
It’s written in stone.
This June, Nuffnang and 20th Century Fox are bringing you Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter!! It has been reel after reel of vampire films and now we relive those Buffy the Vampire Slayer style film where Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America.
Here’s a sneak peak of what’s in stored for you.

 Imagine if you had the power to avenge one of your loved ones without anyone finding out. Imagine having all the resources in the world to avenge your cause and yet during the day, you have the admiration of your country. Imagine if you are Abraham Lincoln. Now you can follow him on his quest to avenge his mother’s death in a thrilling battle to slay the kind who has forsaken his childhood.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter explores the secret life of one of the greatest US presidents, and the untold story that shaped a nation. Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (director of Wanted) bring a fresh and visceral voice to the bloodthirsty lore of the vampire, imagining Lincoln as history’s greatest hunter of the undead.
What if our leaders had another side to them? What if we could have another side to ourselves? If we had the perfect disguise to carry out anything we wish to on our own time and never have anyone find out.
Thanks to 20th Century Fox, 40 lucky winners can follow one of the most legendary presidents into the darkness of the night as he avenges the death of his mother.  Details of the screening are below:
Date: 19 June 2012 (Tuesday)
Time: 9.00pm
Venue: GSC, One Utama

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